Whether you’re looking for a unique and adventurous family vacation or a quiet and romantic getaway, Unique Travel Getaways has you covered! Our Treehouses, Cabins, & Duplexes are the perfect place to clear your thoughts, relax & unwind, kick back & make S’mores, and spend time with your loved ones.  We also have metro properties in the surrounding areas that are a perfect way to avoid the confinement of a hotel room while you travel for work or simply need a place to stay that feels like home.  So, whether you are looking for a remote and peaceful retreat or a fun and unique place to stay that is close to adventure and recreation, we have it all. Select a retreat based on your desired experience!

Unlike other so-called “treehouses”, our treehouses are built in and completely supported by the trees. Find out more about each treehouses and book your next trip on AirBnb!


Are you looking for a place to getaway, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature from a different point of view?  Forget about the traditional hotel rooms or resorts near you and indulge yourself in a unique stay at one of our rustic treehouses.  We have nestled these treehouses in a space that is sure to create memories and a unique experience that your loved ones will enjoy.  Enjoy your coffee or beverage on the treehouse deck and embrace the calmness of the trees canopy as you take a break from your busy life.  We look forward to hosting you and hope you enjoy the are we call “Green Country”!


Southeast Oklahoma offers great opportunity and recreation as our properties are located within reach of some of the best lakes in Oklahoma.

  • Eufaula Lake- Oklahoma’s largest lake, which covers approximately 105,500 surface acres and has over 800 miles of shoreline is a valuable resource for visitors and tourist.  Many of our properties are located within a short drive from the City of Eufaula, which boast a cove that includes boat docks, rentals, swimming/recreation areas and wonderful selections for dining.  This lake hosts multiple angler tournaments along with seasonal “poker runs” that everyone can enjoy while cruising the open waters.  The area also includes a casino and great golfing opportunities at Arrowhead State Park Golf Course and Fountainhead Creek Golf Course.
  • Tenkiller Lake- This beautiful lake is nestled in the area of the Cookson Hills of Eastern Oklahoma and is known as “Oklahoma’s Clear Water Wonderland”.  This lake boast 10 marinas, 20 launching ramps and 14 campgrounds operated by the Corps, State of Oklahoma.  Outdoor activities include, fishing, boating, water activities and scuba diving.  The landscape is unique in that it offers the beautiful views of rock formations and a wonderful clarity in the water.  Anglers especially appreciate this lake for the opportunities it provides in the species of fish for our area, such as small mouth bass and trout in designated areas below the Lake Tenkiller Dam.


Enjoy this city and its “Okie” environment that has some unique attractions and is close to surrounding areas of outdoor recreation.  Muskogee hosts multiple festivals throughout the year, which include the Azalea Festival at Honor Heights Park, Renaissance Festival at the Castle and multiple music festivals.  The Katy Shopping District on South Main includes unique shopping experiences that are sure to intrigue the need to find some special finds.  Don’t forget to check out the event schedule for the historic Roxy Theatre or take a tour of the real World War II, USS Batfish submarine, which was a highly decorated vessel and now an exhibit to honor military veterans.  Explore our city and live like an “Okie from Muskogee”.